How it started
In our experience, when a startup is at its very first steps - but sometimes even later on during its course of operations – it won’t seek for any proper legal advice.

The founders, whether they are bootstrapping or they have managed to secure some third-party funding, will usually allocate their limited resources to product development, recruitment of key staff, marketing and networking. And while this arguably makes sense, completely overlooking the legal risks is never a wise choice.

Startups that omitted to hire a legal professional when needed will usually end up committing some legal or regulatory mistake.

Some of them may be reversible or have a relatively low impact, such as the choice of the wrong legal entity type or a trademark registration that went wrong, but others may irreversibly harm the founders or even jeopardize the whole business idea, such as a funding round that provided unreasonably high equity or rights to investors, or the sharing of confidential information without an NDA in place.

Those founders who are smart enough to seek legal consultation have – more or less – two alternative paths to follow. They will either turn to a lawyer from their close social circle, a choice that may cut costs but most probably won’t bring any expertise to the table; or they will tend to hire one of the “big law firms”, which may possess the skills and the resources but at a price that is unaffordable for most founders, especially when external funds have not been raised yet.
logo was founded to bridge this exact gap, combining the expertise with tailored approach and affordable rates.

As the first legal firm in Greece originally oriented towards assisting startups, spin - offs and other small businesses of the digital economy, we consider ourselves part of the ecosystem, sharing the same passion and the same ambitions as you.

We are inspired by innovation, we tend to become the biggest supporters of the projects we are working on and we invest in long-lasting partnerships, looking forward to be by your side at every new milestone, project or venture.